Sunday, January 18, 2009

MSCA Sprints - Sandown Motor Circuit

I had been eager to get back to Sandown after my first time there. So when JimJim told me about the MSCA sprints, I jumped at the opportunity. The weather was near perfect, with the temperature reaching the mid to high 20's. I would have liked if it was low 20s as it would have been less taxing on me whilst in the car.

The goal for today was to improve my technique (as always) and better my PB for this track. I also had Silas and DavidM's comments (from previous posts) in mind. Here is my speed vs distance graph for my best lap today (green) compared to my best lap the previous time I was at Sandown. Turn numbers are also marked.

Circuit map:

Max speed: 192.7kph (previously 191.7kph)
Min speed: 51.3kph (previously 50.2kph)
Avg speed: 122.1kph (previously 120.5kph)

My focus for the day was maximising speed on both the front and back straights. So getting on the power as early as possible and braking as late as possible. From the graph, I can see that I improved my speed on the the two straights. However, I am still braking too much for turn 1 as that should be a 100kph corner. I am also exiting the sweeper at turn 6 faster. I should have gotten more laps in today but my second session was cut short after I partially went on to the grass at turn 12 and heard a clunk as my right wheels came off the concrete and landed on the grass a few centimetres lower. I pitted to check if the clunk had damaged anything and was not allowed back out as the session was almost over. Luckily everything seemed alright with the car. My third session was cut short again because of the car stuck off the track and requiring a tow, the whole group was red flagged. Jibbed. Towards the end of the day, it appears the heat took its toll on my concentration and I couldn't go any faster.

Session 1
1:32.4006 NEW PB

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Although the flow of the sessions was slow at times, overall it was a good track day. The MSCA staff were also great as they worked quickly to provide me with a timing device after they noticed my first few laps in the first session weren't recorded.

Full results: