Sunday, June 3, 2018

Exe Crew Track Weekend - Winton Motor Raceway

Saturday - high of 17 degrees Celcius
Sunday - high of 18 degrees Celcius

Hot tyres pressures:
33 PSI front and rear, targeting 32 PSI

Difference in car setup:
Roll center adjustment kit installed at the rear.
Hankook Z214 tyres

Lap times:
S1: 1:54.9350 2:04.1640 (timing stopped working in the final laps)
S2: 1:52.0490 1:40.3820 1:37.3310 1:41.3080 1:37.0410 1:48.4670 S3: 1:52.9280 1:37.0820 1:38.6980 1:37.8290 1:38.8720
S4: 1:48.6180 1:37.6510 1:36.8790 1:37.1360 1:36.9160

S1: 1:53.5210 1:38.7470 1:36.7540 1:37.0360 1:38.4880 1:37.1890
S2: 1:59.1220 1:38.3390 1:38.9800 1:36.8390 1:37.0700
S3: 1:55.8710 1:38.2150 1:37.1890 1:36.5130 1:36.2750 1:36.5300 1:37.3950
S4: 3:00.1120 1:42.7680 1:37.4170 1:37.0640 1:55.0640 1:37.2040
S5: 1:54.2210 1:38.3540 1:37.5990 1:37.3670 1:37.6890 2:13.2600

Comparison with previous PB:

High and low speeds:

Video of the new PB lap - 1:36.28

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Nugget Nationals - Winton Motor Raceway

Raining in the morning, dry in the afternoon. High of 21 degrees Celcius.

Lap times:
S1: 2:26.8780 2:15.8860 2:26.5740
S2: 2:18.2820 2:16.2960 2:10.2980 2:08.5390 2:05.3150 2:04.3660 S3: 3:30.3310 1:53.2170 1:46.7400 1:43.6000 1:42.8330 1:41.0430
S4: 1:49.1030 1:39.7000 1:38.3910 1:38.5300 1:38.8740

Sessions 3 and 4 were dry, but didn't get close to my PB time for Winton.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Exe Crew Track Day - Winton Motor Raceway

Low of 3 degrees Celcius overnight and a high of 23 degrees Celcius.

Hot tyre pressures:31 PSI front and rear

Difference in car setup:
Roll center adjustment kit installed in the front.

Lap times:
S1: 6:46.6710 1:50.3250 1:41.5760 1:40.9400 1:38.6660 1:41.3360
S2: 1:52.0660 1:38.6620 1:36.9120 1:37.3890 1:37.3620 1:57.0130 1:37.6820
S3: Skipped session
S4: 1:50.9240 1:37.8800 1:37.4430 1:46.6800 1:38.9540 1:47.0320 1:36.8580
S5: 1:47.5310 1:37.4470 1:37.2480 1:37.6380 1:44.3360 1:37.9020

Comparison with previous PB:

High and low speeds:



Video of second best lap of the day (because I forgot to turn the camera on in the session with the best lap).

Sunday, September 17, 2017

On a roll

Looking back through my blog, the last time I made any suspension related changes to the Z was all the way back in 2010. So I started thinking about how I can make the car go faster around corners. After reading a post by my friend Tom at Honed Developments, I started thinking that I should fix the roll center on the Z and attempt to return it to factory specifications. As Honed doesn't make roll center adjustment kits for Nissans, I jumped on to the interwebs and found a company called Moon Face in Japan. After a few emails to Jesse Streeter, these arrived a few weeks later.

The roll center adjustment kit for the Z33 consists of three parts.

1) The ball joint kit (SAB14). Seems like I bought the last one as they announced that it is no longer in production.

2) The low angle adapter for the front upper arm (SLD11).

The ball joints and tapered collars fit at the points indicated below.

These images from Moon Face show the difference in angle of the upper arm (when using lowered suspension) with the factory tapered collar (left) and Moon Face tapered collar (right).

The difference between the Moon Face ball joint (left) and factory ball joint (right) can also be seen. It will reduce the distance between upper and lower arms to match the shorter strut.

3) The low angle adapter for the rear upper arm (SLD12).

The tapered collars fit at the point indicated below.

Below is the difference in angle of the upper arm (when using lowered suspension) with the factory tapered collar (left) and Moon Face tapered collar (right).

For someone like me who's not so mechanically skilled, I reached out to my friends Jim and Tom (from Honed) for help. Firstly, Jim helped me dismantle my suspension to remove the front knuckles.

The front suspension in pieces.

Then Tom pressed the factory ball joints out of the knuckles and pressed in the Moon Face items.

Pressings completed.

I had to use a ball joint puller, WD-40 and Loctite Freeze & Release to get the factory tapered collars unstuck. This is the ball joint for the front upper arms.

With the Moon Face ball joints fitted into the knuckles, Jim came over to help assemble everything again in the front. As a track day was looming, we ran out of time and didn't fit the rear new tapered collars as that would probably require an entire afternoon in itself. Now all that was left to do before track day was to get a wheel alignment.

A massive thanks to Jim and Tom for their help.