Saturday, November 21, 2009

Defi Oil Temperature Gauge Installation

With the help of Kam80, this was installed. I cannot stress enough how immensely grateful I am for his help. The installation was stressful for a noob like me as the uncertainty of whether it would work got to me, but Kam's stoic resolve pulled me through.

The temperature sensor is fixed to the oil cooler sandwich plate. Wiring for the gauge is attached to the aircon control harness. Today, I tidied up the wiring inside the cabin - got a couple of 3M Command wire holders and matte blacked them.

See here for the wiring instructions:

Results so far with oil cooler
Air temperature: 25º C or below
Stop/start on roads 80kph or less: 79-82º C
Freeway: ~75º C

Air temperature: 25-30º C
Stop/start on roads 80kph or less: ~85º C
Freeway: ~80º C

The next step is to test with the oil cooler core covered on the street and then some on-track temperature readings.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trust/Greddy Oil Cooler Installation

With the impending hot weather and upcoming December track day, I thought I would get an oil cooler. So last week, this arrived:

The sandwich plate contains a thermostat which I believe opens between 71 and 85 degrees Celsius +/- 2 degrees.

With the help of Kam80 and c2888, installation was fairly simple:

1. Take the front bumper off.
2. Mount the cooler core in place.
3. Fit the oil filter sandwich plate.
4. Connect and tighten hoses.

One small hiccup - As my Japanese literacy is non-existent, I didn't see that I was required to use an oil filter for a 1JZ/2JZ. As a result, my OEM filter did not screw on as the sandwich plate thread pattern was different. Luckily, c2888 had a spare Corolla filter that fit - that will do for now.

Big thanks must go to Kam providing a heap of help and taking photos during this stinking hot installation, and Dan for his technical know-how.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Skidpan Training

This was my second time on a skidpan but my first with formal training from an instructor. It was another great opportunity to test out the behaviour of the car at its limit of traction. The time with the instructor was very valuable as it helped to further solidify the concepts required to be understood in order to hold the car in a slide.

What I learnt:
  1. After initiating the slide, maintaining it consists of counter steering and throttle application, and these two concepts work in tandem.
  2. Applying throttle further breaks traction at the rear tyres and swings the rear of the car out.
  3. Lifting off throttle allows the tyres to regain traction.
  4. After counter steering, it is a matter of holding the steering in that direction and modulating throttle between grip and wheel spin. Steering should be minimal as the direction of the car should be controlled through the rear swinging out and being pull back in.
Here are some highlights from my time on the skid pan thanks to Shaun.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

JB Hi-Fi Nunawading

Everyone has had a bad experience with a retailer at some point or another, this might include poor service, rude staff, lackluster communication and much more. I thought I would share my recent experience in the hope that it might benefit someone.

Sony Australia are running a promotion at the moment where they are giving away 25,000 Playstation 3 (PS3) consoles with the purchase of a qualifying Sony Bravia LCD television. In order to obtain a PS3, you must:Purchase one of the applicable Bravia LCD TV models.
  1. Purchase one of the applicable Bravia LCD TV models.
  2. Make a claim with Sony for a PS3 within 14 days of purchasing the TV and before the stock (25,000) runs out.
  3. Submit relevant paperwork to Sony within 14 days of making the claim:
  • Printout of claim
  • Original proof of purchase for the TV
  • Photo of the serial number on the back of the TV
Series of events
Sunday 1st November 2009 - I visited JB Hi-Fi in Nunawading (Vic) after seeing their advertisement online for the Bravia TV I wanted. After some negotiation with the sales person, we agreed on a price that included delivery to my home and so I said I wanted to buy the TV. It was at this point that the sales person told me that they were expecting stock of the TV on Friday the 30th of October, but it had not arrived. He then said that stock should arrive by Wednesday the 4th (as Tuesday the 3rd was a public holiday), and it would be in by Friday the 6th at the latest. I was also told that I would be contacted as soon as the TV came in. So, with the expectation that I would be taken care of by a fairly reputable retailer, I paid for the TV. This was a mistake.

Wednesday 4th November 2009 - I had received no phone call about the TV arriving, this was fine. I thought I would be call JB Hi-Fi to check just in case as I was concerned that I needed to submit my paperwork to Sony. I was transferred to a guy in the stock room. When I asked about the TV, the guy said that he it had not arrived and that he had my phone number and he would call me as soon as it came in. Then I asked whether he had an estimated time/day when the TV would arrive as I needed to complete my PS3 claim. At this point, the guy gave me attitude and said that other retailers are experiencing delays with Sony as well and he couldn't promise me when the TV would arrive.

Friday 6th November 2009 - Still no phone call from JB Hi-Fi. To be fair, the sales person did say the TV would be at the shop by Friday at the latest, however I was unhappy about the treatment I had received from the stock room guy. At the end of the day, I went to the store and demanded a refund for the TV. Surprise surprise, the sales person said the TV had just arrived and he was meaning to call me. He offered to deliver the TV the next day (Saturday), but I picked it up straight away as it fit in our car. A refund for the delivery cost was also given.

The issue I have in this situation is with JB Hi-Fi Nunawading's treatment of me as the customer. There was poor communication and a lack of commitment to ensure that I knew the TV had arrived. The sales person was also very insincere in the apologies made. The lesson I have learned is to never buy something if there's no stock available. So, beware of JB Hi-Fi Nunawading. Thanks for reading.