Monday, August 31, 2009

Taekwondo (WTF) Poomsae

This post is intended more so as a point of reference for myself, but hopefully having all these videos in the one place helps others.

Taeguk 1

Taeguk 2

Taeguk 3

Taeguk 4

Taeguk 5

Taeguk 6

Taeguk 7

Taeguk 8










Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Patience is a virtue

OK, let me set up the situation for you.
  • Today, I was waiting at a roundabout to turn right into a petrol station.
  • There was a queue of cars lined up all the way to the entrance of the petrol station.
  • There was a white car waiting in the roundabout to enter the petrol station.
So, not wanting to block any other traffic that may want to pass through the roundabout, I chose not to enter the roundabout. That would only result in me stuck behind the white car, congesting the roundabout.

The queue of cars wasn't moving, so I continued to wait without entering the roundabout. Then, the impatient fucker behind me in a Holden Astra started honking his/her horn because he/she wanted to go straight through the roundabout. Once again, I reiterate that me entering the roundabout would have resulted in my car being stuck behind the white car and it would still block the idiot in the Astra from exiting the roundabout.

After about 30 seconds, the queue of cars started to move and the white car entered the petrol station. I was then able to move to where the white car was previously in the roundabout and the idiot went on his way. Was it that much of a loss in time in their life that they needed to honk at me? What would that achieve? Would that idiot be satisfied if he/she was able to drive into the roundabout only to be stuck behind me again?

Use your grey matter and stop being idiots people!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oz Mazda Track Day - Wakefield Park

First of all, a big thank you to Darrin, Mick and Dan of Oz Mazda for putting on a great day. The organization and flow of the day was top notch and we got our fill of track time. This year's pilgrimage to Wakefield surely did not disappoint - the weather was practically perfect and the variety of cars and drivers provided much entertainment.

My goal for the day was to sort out my sway bar setup and as always improve on my PB. At the previous track day, I had the front bar set to soft and rear also to soft, a setup I found too tail-happy for my liking. So for Wakefield, I had set the front to hard and left the rear on soft. If there was too much understeer, I would then set the rear to medium. What I found was that I didn't have the change the settings throughout the day, the front hard/rear soft combo worked for me. The car still had a hint of oversteer (more than stock) and yet was easily manageable by an amateur like me.

With that sorted, I then set out to get my Wakefield technique back and attempted to beat my PB. I managed to improve on my previous PB by 0.05 seconds in the morning and then another 0.03 seconds early in the afternoon, ending on a new PB of 1:12.49. This was such a marginal improvement but I was happy that I can still match my PB.

My timed laps (not including passenger sessions):



1:12.4970 *NEW PB*

Full results:

Thinking back over my sessions, these are the main things I can improve upon at Wakefield:

- There is time to be gained at the first corner after the kink as I'm not using the full width of the track on exit.
- I might be braking too much at the top of the hill.
- On the back straight, I am topping out in 3rd and riding the limiter for some time before the 100m marker where I generally start braking. Short shifting to 4th earlier in the straight might help.

Photo credits:
- Kam80/Anja
- sktiz (Oz Mazda)
- silver6 (Oz Mazda)

Video from CelicaJim's car as he was chasing me, couldn't shake him:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nismo 350Z Accelerator Pedal

Just a minor update: I installed an accelerator pedal from the 2007 Nismo 350Z.

This is the pedal that should have come standard in the 350Z since the model was introduced. The shape is nothing new, this pedal came standard in at least the R34 GT-R V-Spec albeit in rubber.


Same car, two occasions