Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just messing around

Here's what the rear wheel looks like with a 25 mm spacer. That's the equivalent of 18 x 8.5 +8, not bad at all. I'm not using the spacer though...

Monday, February 22, 2010

2E or not 2E, that is the question

So I ordered a set of Cusco Zero-2 suspension for my car... and received a set of Zero-2E. The only difference being that the E variant has the ability to use the optional electronic controller for damping for in-cabin adjust-ability. These are height and damping (5 levels) adjustable.

With the combined help of c2888, JimJim, senk9 and Drew, we fitted these yesterday afternoon. Thanks to you all including Laura for just coming around to hang out.

More negative camber also results... :D

I can't wait for OTR track day!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photos from Sneeze Inc. track day

Photos from Sneeze Inc. track day thanks to Kam, Ying, Seamew and CelicaJim's housemate.

Sneeze Inc. Track Day - Winton Raceway

Photo courtesy of Dan (c2888).

This was my first time back at Winton since May last year. As always, the aim was to get a PB. The previous time at Winton, it was my first time trying out my new anti-sway bars. Unfortunately, the set up I had at the time was not to my liking and this time I was returning to Winton to try out my new setup. It worked out well and my new settings inspired my confidence in the car. But alas, a PB was not to be and I was 0.3 seconds shy of a PB at the end of the day.

Other things that I had added to the car since my last track day in October were:
  • Oil cooler - I noticed my oil temperatures rose to around 130 degrees C.
  • Race seat - This was definitely better than the stock seat and I didn't even have to use my left knee to brace myself against the centre console.
So here is a break-down of my lap times for the day:

Session 1
2:08.1600 1:45.5710 1:47.7610 1:44.4730 1:43.7370 1:47.6550 1:46.4050 1:47.8810

Session 2
2:05.0150 1:46.6100 1:43.5840 1:44.7020 1:43.5580 1:44.2680

Session 3
2:15.3600 1:46.8190 1:46.7480 1:45.0700 1:43.9660 1:44.5450

Session 4
1:59.4550 1:48.4900 1:47.6140 1:45.0760 1:46.2170 1:49.2120

My best time for the day was achieved in session 2 - 1:43.558. By session 3, the track conditions had worsened with things like oil on the track threatening to provide some extra challenges. By session 4, I wasn't even trying to get a PB anymore and was just experimenting with the limits of throttle application out of corners.

From the comparison between my best time of the day and my PB lap, I can see that:
  • I maintained more speed in the sweeper than my PB lap.
  • I had higher top speeds on the back and front straights than my PB lap.
  • What let me down this time was my S bend speed.

Anyway, I had fun nonetheless and I have more ideas for the OTR track day now. A big thanks to the crew again for the company and support. Thank you Sneeze for running a great day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Given up for adoption

I was at Melbourne Airport yesterday and noticed this abandoned car that was in the same parking space in December last year. Notice that it is parked across two disabled spaces and there is dust covering the whole car, obscuring visibility through the front and rear windscreens.

So it has been sitting there for the past two months at least and airport security have done nothing about it... and here I am thinking we are now living in an age of heightened awareness and alertness (not alarm) of terrorist threats...

Another photo...

... of my car on the weigh bridge. This one's taken by my friend Mugsee. I think he took the shot from a great angle, one of the Z's better sides. :P Thanks!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weigh Bridge

Today I paid another visit to the same weigh bridge from almost 2 years ago.

The state of the car is largely the same as the previous time I weighed it, with the following things changed:
  • Sway bars (heavier than stock)
  • Mid-pipe back exhaust (same as stock?)
  • Race seat (lighter than stock)
  • Oil cooler (additional weight)
This time, the car weighed in at 1520 kg, meaning that it has reduced in weight by 20 kg compared to last time.