Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hot brakes & battle scar

The DBA rotors have three coloured stripes on the edge that change colour when they reach a certain temperature.

Temperature (degrees C)/Original colour/New colour:
* 458 / Green / White
* 550 / Orange / Yellow
* 630 / Red / White

Tonight I checked the rotors and found that the red stripe had turned white.

Left & Right:

I also found the source of the clunk sound when I slid off the right hand side of the turn 12. The concrete on the right edge of turn 12 is not level with the grass and it is probably a few centimetres higher than the grass. When the right side of my car slid off the concrete and the right wheels dropped on to the grass, the bottom edge of the part that connects to the lower control arm scraped on the concrete. Luckily it's only superficial damage.