Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brake service

A brand new year and planning to jump straight back into track days. So, to prepare for Sandown next week:

1. Bled the front brake fluid and topped up RBF600.
2. Replaced the front brake pads with another set of Project Mu Type HC+.

Comparison of old pad to new. Old pad had worn down to 9.3mm (including the backing plate), which is below mininum thickness of 10mm. New pad is 15.7mm including backing plate. Therefore, the pad's life of 6.4mm was used up from daily driving and 6 track days (4 Winton, 1 Wakefield, 1 Sandown).

New pads fitted. I'll also be trying out some DBA 4000 series rotors (fitted a couple of months ago) for the first time at the track next week.