Monday, February 19, 2007

Volkswagen Australia - Protocol that defies logic

Volkswagen - supposedly a marque of luxury and one of the highly desirable "Euro" badges. Well, it would seem that being a luxury brand does not go hand in hand with being intelligent.

Someone I know (I'll refer to them as J) has recently purchased a Volkswagen. After taking delivery of the vehicle, J purchased some personalised number plates. It was then that J discovered a flaw in Volkswagen Australia's method of attaching number plates to their vehicles. The holes that they had created in the bumpers for the number plates would not suit J's personalised plates and these plates are not as wide as standard plates. If you view the attached images, you will see that Volkswagen Australia has affixed the standard number plates to the car using the outer most holes (as indicated by the red arrows). It's beyond me why the hell they didn't use one of the holes towards the center of the plate (as indicated by the green elipses). Would it not be more logical to use the common factor? Even my Mazda and Nissan use the inside holes. This way, if you ever get narrower plates (like J did), they can still use the same holes on the bumper!!!

When J questioned the VW salesperson, his response was that this is VW Australia's "protocol"... Does that mean that anyone who gets narrower plates after taking delivery of a Volkswagen will be left with two unsightly holes in each bumper that they do not need? How the hell could VW Australia get it so wrong?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Drag Racing

My first time at the drags in Heathcote with the Gorilla was very fun.

My best time for the day was 15.1 secs @ 99 MPH. I'm looking forward to getting into the 14 second region next time.

Specs for drag day: Everything stock.