Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pagani Automobili - San Cesario Sul Panaro, Italy

The next car related visit in Europe was in Italy. We stayed in Modena, which would be the base for all our manufacturer outings. The first stop was at Pagani, one of my favourite car companies. Pagani is located in San Cesario Sul Panaro, about 10 km south east of Modena. The Google Street View of Pagani's headquarters and factory is quite a sight.

Being a small boutique manufacturer, Pagani does not have an automated production line with robots assembling the cars. At this facility, all the carbon fibre body parts and hand crafted by artisans, with each layer of carbon laid one at a time into moulds. The parts are then vacuum sealed to ensure all air pockets are removed from between the layers of carbon fibre. After this, the parts are baked in an oven for hours.

The cars are then hand assembled over a series of stations, and each one takes months to complete. Pagani cars are only made to order and customers have to wait up to two years from the time their order is placed until their car is delivered.

In the showroom were a pair of Zondas - one was a Zonda F and the other a (track-only) Zonda R Evolution.

The attention to detail is just mind blowing...

And the interiors are over the top and appear to be straight out of a yacht.

The engines are supplied by Mercedes AMG.

Everybody likes a nice rear end...

Especially when that rear end is naked.

The Zonda is no longer in production, but Pagani will make one-off Zondas for special customers. After the visit to the original factory, we were taken to Pagani's new factory a couple of kilometres down the road. The new site will also be the home of the future Pagani museum.

At the new factory, we were shown the production line of the Huayra but as with other factory tours, photography was not permitted. So here's a picture of a Huayra model.

This factory tour was memorable because it really showed that from humble beginnings, great things can be achieved.

More photos can be viewed here.