Monday, September 21, 2015

Ferrari - Modena, Italy

In the motoring world, the small town of Modena in Italy is probably most well known as the birthplace of Ferrari. It is here that Enzo Ferrari first set up Scuderia Ferrari. At the northern part of Modena sits Museo Enzo Ferrari, a museum that celebrates the life of Enzo Ferrari with exhibits of the company's notable road cars.

The museum itself is a fine piece of architecture, with a hangar style interior that does not distract from the cars on display.

Beginning with the Alfa Romeo race cars that are the roots of Ferrari, you are then shown the progression and evolution of the company.

Notable models such as the Testarossa are present.

You also cannot go past the F40 when thinking of iconic Ferraris.

As you move to the modern era, there are the F50 and Enzo.

And finally, we finish with the 458 Italia and hybrid LaFerrari.

Adjacent to the main museum building is the Museum of Engines.

In here, you'll find the engines that powered famous Ferrari models.

A selection of classics and race cars are on display too, including this beautiful Dino and Formula 1 models.

There's also a model of the man himself.

There are too many engines to show in this post, but you can see all of them here.