Sunday, September 23, 2012

More serious brake cooling - Part 2

Continuing on from part 1, I went about building brackets to hold the ducting near the rotors. JimJim helped me to fabricate some brackets using his engineering prowess.

The finished brackets...

Jim fitted the brackets and this was when we found that the idea to route the duct in front of the strut was a big fat fail.

When the front of the wheel was turned in, the duct would be crushed against the suspension. The cost of this lesson: Approximately $4 in bracketing material and Jim's time and effort.

So back to the drawing board for a solution to route the ducting to the rotors. Naturally, the next option to explore was to place the ducting behind the strut. After some searching on the web, I found some pictures of a 350Z that had brake duct work done and it was routed behind the strut. I got the idea from that project of how to build a bracket. So with all that in mind, I purchased some 0.7mm thick galvanised steel and cut it to shape.

After some bending, drilling and filing, I finished building the right hand side. Here it is with some ducting I was using as a guide.

Below is the ducting touching the brake fluid hose when the front of the wheel is turned outwards. I'll need to wrap the brake fluid hose with some cushioning material.

What remains to be done is to fit some new longer ducting and connect it to the new brackets. I'll also need to drill a hole in the dust/heat shield behind each rotor to allow air from the ducts to the rotor centres.