Saturday, October 30, 2010

Project μ SCR-Pro Front Rotors

Since my last set of DBA 4000 rotors had cracked, I decided to try something different to test their durability during track use. I compared prices for the DBA 5000 series, Project μ SCR-Pro and Endless Curving Slit - all two piece rotors. I decided upon the Project μ because they were roughly the same price (delivered) as the DBA's, and the Endless were just prohibitively (stupidly) expensive. The SCR-Pro are also marketed as now having better crack-resistance and some fancy heat treatment. So I asked a certain Mr Streeter to get the Project μ sent out to me.

Here's a weight comparison:

DBA 4000: ~8 kg
DBA 5000: ~7.5 kg
Project μ SCR-Pro: ~7 kg

And here they are fitted: