Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brake Cooling

Warning: Viewers are advised that this post is ghettolicious and contains images that may offend people's sensibilities.

First of all, hat tip to MacGillaz for this idea. To help in cooling the front brakes, I set about fashioning up some air diversion guides that would direct air to the inside of the brakes.

Firstly, I built a template out of cardboard and attached it to the lower control arm to test the fit.

Here you see the wheel being turned to ensure that the air diversion plate will not foul against anything.

Then galvanised steel was cut to size from the template. Strips of steel were also cut to act the brackets.

A 12 mm hole was drilled in the bracket and attached to the lower control arm where the sway bar end link attaches. The bracket was then bent into shape by hand using judgement by sight only, which should suffice.

5 mm holes were then drilled in the bracket and in the plate.

The plate was attached to the bracket with high tensile nuts and bolts. Then the plate was bent to shape.

Some bending and further cutting results in the finished product...

I am yet to do a road test and some additional cable ties may be required to prevent possible annoying rattles from this plate.