Saturday, November 21, 2009

Defi Oil Temperature Gauge Installation

With the help of Kam80, this was installed. I cannot stress enough how immensely grateful I am for his help. The installation was stressful for a noob like me as the uncertainty of whether it would work got to me, but Kam's stoic resolve pulled me through.

The temperature sensor is fixed to the oil cooler sandwich plate. Wiring for the gauge is attached to the aircon control harness. Today, I tidied up the wiring inside the cabin - got a couple of 3M Command wire holders and matte blacked them.

See here for the wiring instructions:

Results so far with oil cooler
Air temperature: 25º C or below
Stop/start on roads 80kph or less: 79-82º C
Freeway: ~75º C

Air temperature: 25-30º C
Stop/start on roads 80kph or less: ~85º C
Freeway: ~80º C

The next step is to test with the oil cooler core covered on the street and then some on-track temperature readings.