Saturday, November 14, 2009

Skidpan Training

This was my second time on a skidpan but my first with formal training from an instructor. It was another great opportunity to test out the behaviour of the car at its limit of traction. The time with the instructor was very valuable as it helped to further solidify the concepts required to be understood in order to hold the car in a slide.

What I learnt:
  1. After initiating the slide, maintaining it consists of counter steering and throttle application, and these two concepts work in tandem.
  2. Applying throttle further breaks traction at the rear tyres and swings the rear of the car out.
  3. Lifting off throttle allows the tyres to regain traction.
  4. After counter steering, it is a matter of holding the steering in that direction and modulating throttle between grip and wheel spin. Steering should be minimal as the direction of the car should be controlled through the rear swinging out and being pull back in.
Here are some highlights from my time on the skid pan thanks to Shaun.