Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weigh Bridge

Went to weigh the car together with SenK9, Flameboy and ES. I had a full tank of petrol, spare tyre and interior trim.

The things that were different from stock were:

  • Rays forged wheels (8.45 kg per wheel) vs Stock (11.07 kg front / 11.7 kg rear)
  • Carbon fibre side skirts (lighter than stock?)
  • Spoiler (heavier than stock)
  • Cusco front upper A Arms (heavier than stock?)
  • Plastic boot lid liner removed

Nissan quote the 2006 350Z Track model's weights as follows:
Curb: 1542 kg
Tare: 1485 kg

My car's reported curb weight was 1540 kg, so it's still on par even though some changes have been made to it.