Sunday, November 2, 2014

Girls like handbags, I like wheels

I'll admit that this is one of my obsessions - wheels. The TE37 is a timeless wheel design in my opinion. An opportunity arose where my friend Kam (Kammo.Reloaded) had decided to part out his 350Z and sell it. Upon perusing the catalog of parts Kam had at his disposal, my attention was drawn to a couple of things; one of which was his pair of TE37 SL Black Editions (18 x 10J +20).

After a quick test fit at the front of the Zed, the two wheels had found a new home.

As they are currently fitted with Hankook Z221 285/30R18 semi slicks, I'm planning to test these wheels on the front at the next track day.

Thanks for the wheels Kam, and thanks for the pics Rebecca.