Monday, October 20, 2014

Exe Crew Track Day - Winton Motor Raceway

12th October 2014

Yet another Exe Crew track day rolls around and we make our way back to Winton to attack those times. This time the car doesn't have a broken wheel bearing anymore but it did have some bits of road kill (fox or kangaroo?) under the car courtesy of the Hume Freeway.

Unfortunately, a combination of factors conspired against my attempt for a faster lap time...

Session 1
I had a short session because I didn't check my tyre pressures before starting, leading to my ABS malfunctioning. I locked up the tyres a couple of times and end the session early, lesson learnt.
2:04.2530 1:46.6890 2:14.0940

Session 2
Getting back into the groove of driving at Winton.
1:58.4920 1:45.7440 1:42.6360 1:42.3630 1:52.3290

Session 3
The temperatures (both ambient and track) were rising by this point.
1:53.3980 1:42.2200 1:41.3670 1:42.5950 1:43.1260 1:42.1100

Session 4
At this stage, it was really quite hot and I pushed hard, but obviously not hard enough. I would get my best time of the day here.
2:00.1560 1:41.6860 1:40.9280 1:40.6320 1:41.0570

Session 5
I decided this would be my last session and confirmed that I was tired and it was too hot.
1:49.6670 1:43.7320 1:41.0670 1:43.3590 1:41.2550

Looking at the speed comparison to my personal best lap, I would say that my slowness this time was due to me not pushing as hard as before, especially before turn 10. I can't say how much the heat contributed to this, but I can say that I definitely need to remember how to drive at Winton.

Left: 1:39.33   Right: 1:40.63

I also managed to kill my two front tyres when I locked up the brakes in the first session. #notmaxvalue

I'll get you next time Winton!