Sunday, November 17, 2013

Exe Crew Track Weekend - Winton Motor Raceway

Another Winton track day (or track weekend in this case) rolls around and I join the Exe Crew in this double header. The Z was going into this event in the same state as previously. My intention was to dip into the 1:38.xx lap time range as this was my theoretical best from the previous outing. However, this was not to be, I ended the weekend having improved my PB by 0.2 of a second.

From the graph we can see my new PB in green and the previous PB in blue. The red line was the best time for Sunday the 17th November. The green graph shows that I found time by braking later into turns 1 and 7, and was overall faster through turns 2, 3 and 8. I was let down by my entry into turn 10 and that probably cost me the opportunity to get into the 38's.

Lap times
A good start to the morning with a 40 lap. Track temperatures seemed quite good. After the session I lowered the tyre pressures to 32 PSI hot.
1:53.7140 1:43.5740 1:40.6820 1:42.5600 1:41.7830 1:41.3060

This session returned promising times.
1:49.4730 1:40.9400 1:40.1730 1:40.4870 1:40.4090

After looking over the times and speed graphs in the first couple of sessions, I focused on braking deeper on all long straights. This seemed to work and I gained a new PB.
1:49.3030 1:40.2650 1:39.6620 1:39.3360 1:39.8760

The track had heated up past optimal temperature and I called it a day after this session.
1:46.6950 1:40.2880 1:49.9330 1:40.3200 1:51.3460

A good start to the morning with another 39 lap, but this would be the best time of the day.
2:13.7170 1:45.9830 1:42.0240 1:41.5790 1:42.1430 1:39.6800

Could not better my 1.39 from session one, suspected that the track temperature was already past optimal.
1:57.6310 1:41.9520 1:41.9350 1:45.1770 1:44.6760 1:40.3770

No improvement again this session and tyres overheated within 3 laps.
1:54.1300 1:41.7190 1:40.3750 1:56.0590 1:40.5340

Took Dan out for a ride this session, driving was a little sloppy and the front tyres had given up gripping.
1:50.2680 1:42.7770 1:42.5700 1:42.8480 

Went out for one last solo run and confirmed that the front tyres were now trash.
1:56.2090 1:48.6980 2:02.1370 1:42.3540 1:45.5350

Took Adam for a ride so he could give me some tips on driving in general.
1:47.9330 1:44.4420 1:43.0350 1:43.2080 1:46.2700 1:44.7360

Looking at the front tyres at the end of the day, I observed that the tread level is now down past the indicator. Time for a new pair. I ended the day knowing that there is so much time left to be gained with the car's current setup. I'm looking forward to trying again when I have new tyres.

To finish, here are a couple of photos from Andy Szeto, his photos are always very impressive.