Sunday, April 29, 2012

AROCA Sprints - Sandown Motor Circuit

I was back at Sandown again today for another try at a better lap time. Since the last time I was at Sandown, the parts on the car that are different are the DBA 4000 slotted rear rotors and the front brake pads. I fitted the Project Mu HC+ front pads again as the Project Mu Level Max900i pads were too harsh.

Session 1
1:50.9929 1:30.9017 1:33.7821 1:33.5591 1:30.2257 1:35.3221 1:35.8109 1:30.2612

Session 2
1:48.5825 1:32.8667 7:22.2710 1:48.5849 1:37.8147 1:36.6162 

Session 3
1:41.5749 1:33.2464 1:41.6169 1:32.1120 1:31.3743 1:33.3182 1:32.3516 

Session 4
1:52.8549 1:31.4204 1:30.0035 1:30.8259 1:31.9522 1:29.0031 1:27.8767 1:31.3727

This time around, there were many cars slower than mine in my run group. So the first three sessions were spent overtaking and not getting clean laps. Sessions 2 and 3 were especially frustrating as I was caught behind a Torana that was faster than the Z in a straight line but much slower in the corners. There was no way I could pass him as I didn't want to dive in under brakes on him during corners and he wouldn't let me pass on the straights. In session 4, I aimed to get out on to the track before the Torana by lining up early. Fortunately, the Torana was out in the session before mine with its second driver and did not join me for mine. I managed to get a few clean laps in and ended up with a new personal best time of 1:27.87.

From the speed graph, it looks like I found some time at turn 1, braking later at the end of the back straight (around the 100 metre sign), and turns 6 and 8. So overall, I'm very happy with the results today. Thank you to Exe Crew for coming along to drive and/or support. You know who you are.