Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bulls eye!

My windscreen sustained a bulls eye crack from a rock at the recent Sandown track day. I think it was flicked up by the stupid unyielding MX-5 race car.

So I bought one of these kits to fix it cheaply. The kit basically consists of a tube of resin and a syringe to apply the resin to the affected area. The video at the link above shows the process for repair.

Here's the application of resin in progress.

After the syringe is removed, a drop of resin is applied to cover the hole and the curing strip placed on top.

The view from inside the car, the bulls eye is filled in by resin but as expected, there are still visible parts of the crack.

The Gorilla sits in the sun to allow the UV to cure the resin.

After the curing strip was removed and the excess resin cleaned up, some parts of the crack are still visible but it has been completely sealed by the resin.