Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trying something else new

I serviced the car today in preparation for the track day next week.  The service included:
  • Engine oil change
  • Brake pad change
  • Brake fluid flush
I fitted the Project Mu Level Max900i pads (from my previous post) in the front and Project Mu Type HC+ replacements in the rear.  After removing the existing front pads (HC+), I noticed that the wear was even and the pad level was uniform left to right, top to bottom.  The front caliper piston boots also only had some fine cracks in them.  I am assuming that the titanium shims are working in keeping some heat about from the boots as well as aiding in applying equal pressure across the pad by being rectangular.  Note the the stock shims are triangular and only allowed half of each piston to contact with the brake pad.

The rear pads however had not worn evenly.  The inside pad on each side had worn more than the outside pad, and the inside pads' wear was also more on the top edge.  The right-outside and right-inside pads:

The left-outside and left-inside pads:

Finally, I'm also going to try a new brake fluid, so the old Martini Racing GS610 was flushed out for this:

Project μ G-four 335 - Theoretically, it has a higher boiling point (335° C dry and 221° C wet) than GS610 (330° C dry and 214° C wet).