Wednesday, September 1, 2010

VW Advanced Driver Training

I had the opportunity to attend an advanced driver training session organised by Volkswagen Australia.

This event was held at Sandown Motor Raceway and consisted of two main types of activity - track driving and skid pan. On the track, we were treated to a drive in either a Mark VI Golf GTD or GTI, accompanied by a professional driver for about three laps. This was a very worthwhile experience as I picked up a few pointers about braking and steering the car. The pro drivers also then drove us around the track in the new Golf R.

On the skid pan, we were allowed to drive either a Tiguan, Passat CC or Jetta over a wet surface through a slalom of cones and then followed by a swerve and brake exercise. The intention was to demonstrate the safety technology built into the cars like ABS and stability control. We were also shown how Passat CC's can park themselves in a parallel parking space. I've seen self parking systems on the internet before but it was very impressive to see it first hand.

Overall, this training session was great and I commend VW for organising such an event and offering it free of charge. Hopefully they do it again.

More photos are in the album below.
Volkswagen Advanced Driver Training 2010-09-01