Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hail damage saga, more delays, conclusion (sort of)

Continuing on from this previous post, more waiting was required...

4th June 2010
I called up for an update as it was two weeks since I last spoke to the repairer. He said that painting was going to commence on the car that day and that they were aiming for all work to be completed by the middle of the following week.

9th June 2010
"The middle of the following week" arrived so I called up again for an update. The body of the car had been painted, but the bumpers still remained to be painted and reassembly of all dismantled parts was required. Still "plenty of work to do" according to the repairer. *sigh* I said I would call back again on Wednesday the following week.

16th June 2010
Wednesday - called for an update - everything was painted but all parts were still not fitted to the car. The repairer wouldn't commit to it being ready on Friday and asked me to call again the next day.

17th June 2010
Everything except the windscreen has been fitted back on to the car. They were expecting the windscreen installation person to come in on Friday the 18th, but there were no guarantees due to their workload due to "all the hail damaged cars". The repairer indicated that the windscreen person would be in by Monday the 21st and I should be able to collect the car on Tuesday afternoon after the glue on the windscreen had set. So Tuesday the 22nd of June was the plan.

21st June 2010
I called up expecting more delays, but to my surprise I'm told that the car is all done. All that remains is a clean. So I made arrangements to pick up the car the next day.

22nd June 2010
I went to pick up the car. Overall, I'm happy with it however there are little things that I'm not happy with. My fears of leaving my car in the care of others have inevitably been realised. When you let someone dismantle parts of your car, it will never be the same again when it is reassembled.

So, my assessment...

Dent repairs - 10/10
Paint finish - 8/10
Fitment of parts - 9/10
Attention to detail - 7/10
Service - 8/10

I had to take points off for the paint because there were some specks in it that looked like trapped dust. The front bumper could have been sanded back better as some chips are still visible despite it being fully resprayed. I deducted a point for fitment because the bonnet does not sit on the front bumper with their edges perfectly aligned. Attention to detail is the most lacking in this instance. The spoiler has some scratches and a chip on the corners where they have rested it on the ground without any cushioning. The reverse sensors are malfunctioning and the passenger power window does not behave as it used to. Service-wise, I found that communication could have been better although to their credit they did not make any promises with regard to the progress of the repairs that they could not keep. They are also going to address the electrical issues with the reverse sensors, window and headlight washers; so let's see how that goes...

The cost to me...
Time without car - 43 days - that's 6 weeks or 11.78% of a year!
Mental turmoil - Ongoing.
Hatred for nature - Eternal.