Tuesday, June 29, 2010

26/06/2010 - Rectifications

Because of certain people's distinct lack of attention to detail, if you want things done right, you have to do it yourself! Yes, I am pedantic and I don't care what anyone thinks about this. Over the weekend, I began sorting out the issues with the car that had manifested after the hail repairs. So, first thing on the agenda - my malfunctioning reverse sensors. I sought advice from Nissan and Dan (c2888) and they confirmed that the orientation of each sensor unit is important, otherwise it will incorrectly detect objects. So with the help of Dan, we set out to fix this issue.

From the images above, you can see that the sensor has two ribs protruding along its length. When the sensor is mounted into the rear bumper, one rib must be facing up and the other facing the ground. The repairer had put the sensors back into the bumper the wrong way, causing it to detect objects along a vertical plane. It was then detecting the ground and constantly beeping. So we rotated the sensors 90 degrees and all is good again.

Next up, the power windows. After the car was put back together, the power windows were behaving seemingly erratically. When the switch was pulled up to raise the window, it would move up about 1 cm and then go down again. You would then have to hold the switch up in order to raise the window, the auto-up was not working. According to the service manual, the limits of the window motors had to be reset.

The door trim had to be removed. Then the reset switch on the window motor could be accessed through a hole in the module assembly (as indicated by the arrow above).

The reset procedure is as follows:
  1. With the door open, lift up and hold the power window switch until the door glass is fully closed.
  2. Get inside the vehicle and close the door. You need to close the door so the door switch is fully depressed.
  3. Press and hold the reset switch. While holding the reset switch, press down and hold the power window switch until the door glass is fully opened.
  4. Release the reset switch.Then, lift up and hold the power window switch until the door glass is fully closed.
  5. Open the door to release the door switch. The door glass should partially move down.
* Do not use the window auto function.
* Do not release the switch before the window is fully stopped.

With daylight waning, I addressed one more issue and called it a day. The bonnet was not held down tightly by the latch when closed. There was enough slack for the bonnet to lift by a couple of millimetres. I found that the latch had not been attached as it was from factory. It was a couple of millimetres too high, as evident by the now visible clean section of metal that used to be covered by the bolts. So by repositioning the latch, the bonnet is now held down tightly with no slack or gap between the rubber seal and front bumper. The sound of the latch releasing the bonnet is also now back to normal.

Now all that remains to be done is to seek a replacement piece of foam for behind the front bumper from the repairer.

A big thanks to Dan for all his help and thanks for reading.