Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sneeze Inc. Track Day - Winton Raceway

Photo courtesy of Dan (c2888).

This was my first time back at Winton since May last year. As always, the aim was to get a PB. The previous time at Winton, it was my first time trying out my new anti-sway bars. Unfortunately, the set up I had at the time was not to my liking and this time I was returning to Winton to try out my new setup. It worked out well and my new settings inspired my confidence in the car. But alas, a PB was not to be and I was 0.3 seconds shy of a PB at the end of the day.

Other things that I had added to the car since my last track day in October were:
  • Oil cooler - I noticed my oil temperatures rose to around 130 degrees C.
  • Race seat - This was definitely better than the stock seat and I didn't even have to use my left knee to brace myself against the centre console.
So here is a break-down of my lap times for the day:

Session 1
2:08.1600 1:45.5710 1:47.7610 1:44.4730 1:43.7370 1:47.6550 1:46.4050 1:47.8810

Session 2
2:05.0150 1:46.6100 1:43.5840 1:44.7020 1:43.5580 1:44.2680

Session 3
2:15.3600 1:46.8190 1:46.7480 1:45.0700 1:43.9660 1:44.5450

Session 4
1:59.4550 1:48.4900 1:47.6140 1:45.0760 1:46.2170 1:49.2120

My best time for the day was achieved in session 2 - 1:43.558. By session 3, the track conditions had worsened with things like oil on the track threatening to provide some extra challenges. By session 4, I wasn't even trying to get a PB anymore and was just experimenting with the limits of throttle application out of corners.

From the comparison between my best time of the day and my PB lap, I can see that:
  • I maintained more speed in the sweeper than my PB lap.
  • I had higher top speeds on the back and front straights than my PB lap.
  • What let me down this time was my S bend speed.

Anyway, I had fun nonetheless and I have more ideas for the OTR track day now. A big thanks to the crew again for the company and support. Thank you Sneeze for running a great day.