Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bride Holding Monster strikes again

I picked up one of these today - Bride Stradia with low cushion.

1. Unplug seat belt buckle sensor plug from factory seat.
2. Unplug air bag plug from factory seat.
3. Unplug third plug (I can't be bothered looking up what it's for) from factory seat.
4. Remove factory seat.
5. Plug in 2.2 ohm resistor into air bag plug connector in car.
6. Remove seat belt buckle from factory seat.
7. Attach seat belt buckle to Bride seat.
8. Bolt in Bride seat to car.
9. Reconnect seat belt buckle sensor plug.

No DIY is a success without the obligatory fail, quite the paradox. In my haste and glee that I had completed step 5 and that it worked, I had forgotten steps 6 and 7 and proceeded straight to 8. As all good fails would have it, I did not realise I had failed until I had completed step 8. But alas, patience is a virtue and I reversed step 8 and did not attempt to rush it by completing step 7 with the seat bolted in.

A big thanks to Dan (c2888) for his electronics expertise and Kam80 for the online assist when I was picking these seats up.