Friday, May 1, 2009

370Z - My First In-depth Look

I first saw the 370Z in person at the Melbourne Motor Show back in March this year, but that was not an Australian spec'ed vehicle.

Today, I headed down to my Nissan dealer to have a look. There were no manuals to test drive yet, but hopefully within the next fortnight.

There will be only one trim level offered in Australia, which is equivalent to the US spec Sports Pack. Therefore, at this stage, Australia will not get the 19" Rays wheels, not even as an option.

Things I noticed in the 370:

  • Sat Nav standard
  • Auxiliary audio/video inputs in the center console
  • Start/stop engine button with smart (proximity) key, no need to even insert the key into the dash
  • Cooling plate is standard
  • Strut brace has extra bracing to the firewall
  • Bonnet secures at 3 points
  • Oz spec will get big brakes standard