Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sway Bar Upgrade

Today I upgraded the sway bars by fitting a set from Whiteline.

A comparison shows that they appear to be of the same diameter as the factory variants, however the Whitelines are solid and are adjustable.

Front comparison:

Rear comparison:

Front fitted:

Rear fitted:

Initial impressions:
- I have them set on the softest stiffness at the moment, however that is still stiffer than stock.
- Initial turn-in is improved and very obvious.
- Car is noticeably flatter around corners.
- Rear end is looser and more caution needs to be taken not to induce too much oversteer.
- In a straight line, the car feels bumpier as well.

My plan is to try the softest stiffness settings at Winton next month and adjust accordingly.

A big thanks must go to Shaun (Senk9) for helping me fit the bars, as well as Ray (crazyray), Kam (Kam80) and Anja for the company.