Sunday, June 19, 2016

AROCA Sprints - Winton Raceway

I haven't driven the Winton Club (Short) Circuit for more than 7 years, so I was keen to see how different the car and me are now combined with the new track surface.

Session 1 was not timed as it was a practice session and we were driving to around 80% capacity. However RaceChrono showed that I clocked a 1:10.8 which was already 2.5 seconds faster than my previous best time.

In session 2, I was able to start pushing and I finished with a 1:08.5 - 4.8 seconds faster than my previous best.
1:18.4065 1:11.6445 1:11.2580 1:09.1216 1:09.7839 1:08.5055 1:10.7413 1:08.8626 1:12.1030

There was no further improvement in sessions 3 and 4, but I still managed to dip into the 1:08's.1:20.2357 1:10.2046 1:09.5703 1:09.7438 1:10.3324 1:08.9062 1:09.9414 1:13.0515 1:09.6468
1:21.8112 1:11.1080 1:11.4054 1:09.0989 1:10.8316 1:08.7809 1:11.6312 1:10.2478

It's interesting to note that I can still go a fair bit faster through sector 4 of the lap (turns 7, 8 and 9), with RaceChrono showing a theoretical best of 1:07.2.

A speed comparison shows big gains throughout every part of the lap, especially the sweeper at turn 3.

Video of 1:08.5 lap:

Some pics courtesy of Ying:

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Exe Crew Track Weekend - Winton Motor Raceway

14th May 2016

Tyre comparison
16 Nov 2013 - 265/35R18 Z221 soft compound front and rear
14 Nov 2016 - 265/35R18 Z221 soft compound front (new), 295/30R18 Z221 soft compound rear

Trying Dixcel Type Z front brake pads.
Fresh Dixcel DAV slotted front discs.
New Project Mu HC+ rear brake pads.

Winton has been newly resurfaced = smoother and more consistent surface.

Lap times
Session 1 - 2:02.6410 1:45.4600 1:42.9950 1:47.4640 1:41.1600
Session 2 - 1:49.1760 1:41.1580 1:41.1690 1:39.2920 1:38.7010 1:42.2110
Session 3 - 1:48.4500 1:38.7350 1:40.0760 1:40.1030 1:39.0870 1:39.3330
Session 4 - 1:45.3140 1:40.7000 1:40.1980 1:38.8280 1:39.3290 1:38.9540 1:40.2110

Comparison of my speed graph to the previous personal best lap way back in 2013. It appears that the new track surface has aided in speed gains throughout pretty much every corner. However, there is more to gain through more aggressive driving (after I have compared my best lap video with other Z drivers).

Video of the 1:38.70 lap.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Exe Crew Track Weekend - Winton Motor Raceway

13th September 2015

16 Nov 2013 - 265/35R18 soft compound front and rear
13 Sep 2015 - 285/30R18 soft compound front, 295/30R18 soft compound rear

Lap Times
Session 1 - 2:03.6250 1:46.5164 1:41.8287 1:41.2527 1:41.0750 1:40.7558 

Session 2 - 1:52.5244 1:40.2061 1:39.7192 1:39.8056 1:39.3367 1:39.9099 1:40.4675 

Session 3 - 1:51.7730 1:41.4177 5:05.6592 1:49.0832 1:40.6979 1:39.5129 1:39.8428 1:40.2188

Session 4 - 1:54.4926 1:40.3771 1:48.3954

For some reason my final session wasn't recorded. I matched my personal best time from almost 2 years ago. The wider tyres appear to help with corner speeds significantly. I just need to keep working on top speeds on the long sections. However, it was good to see some consistent sub-1:40 laps, which was not something I managed to do 2 years ago.

A corner speed comparison reveals higher speeds on most corners.

16 Nov 2013

13 Sep 2015

Video of the 1:39.34 lap.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lamborghini - Sant' Agata Bolognese, Italy

With our time drawing to a close in Modena, our final car museum and factory visit was to Lamborghini.

When we walked in, we were greeted by three Aventadors. The red one was the newly released Aventador LP750-4 SV (Superveloce).

The SV gets some extra power, different wheels, more aggressive bumpers and a rear wing.

We started the visit with a tour of the factory, where they currently build the Aventador and Huracan. Unfortunately, there was a workers strike that day and the production line was not operating. It was still good to see the cars in various stages of assembly. Once again, no photography was permitted inside the factory.

Back in the museum, the ground floor is filled with classic Lamborghinis.

This seems out of place, but the LM002 is a Lamborghini.

One of the best looking, sleekest, well proportioned cars in my opinion is the Miura.

And who can go past the Diablo with its Nissan 300ZX (Z32) headlights?

Of all the classic Lambos, the Countach is probably the most unmistakeable.

There's also plenty of engine porn...

...and a place to take a load off while admiring everything.

Upstairs, we found the more modern models, starting with the insane all carbon Sesto Elemento.

Murcielago LP670-4 SV

Police Gallardo

The ultra rare Veneno Roadster

Huracan LP620-2 Super Trofeo

The Miura Concept


And with that, our car journey drew to a close, but we have vowed to return to Europe one day.

Click here to see all the photos from Museo Lamborghini.