Saturday, July 31, 2010

More dollars than sense

I'd like to thank my friend Ying for finding this video. It basically showcases the attitudes of the occasional douchebag that you encounter at a track day who thinks they have the skills of a professional driver because he/she:

  • drives an expensive car.
  • has purchased every modification for his/her car that can be found in the catalogue.
  • does not understand the concept that skill is gained through practice and not by spending money on a car.

Due to the above flawed line of reasoning, these idiots also believe that letting faster drivers pass them is unacceptable because they refuse to accept that a cheaper slower car could be in any way faster than theirs. I have also heard the following nonsensical argument from one such fool: "Why should I waste my lap and let faster drivers pass?" Of course, the easy response is: "Why should every other faster driver in your group have to waste multiple laps by following your slow ass?"

Anyway, watch the video and have a good laugh.