Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Read things properly!

I went to watch Terminator Salvation last night, it was quite an enjoyable movie. It was not at all a lowlight of my night. What occurred before the screening however, was. So I'm sitting in the theater with my friends watching the advertisements and waiting for the film to start. This woman in her 20s walked into our row and asks us whether we're in her allocated seats. Before any of us could respond, she rudely started saying "if you are, you need to move..." A few seconds later, her boyfriend walked in and told her their seats were actually in the row in front of ours. The bitch then just turned around and went to her seat, leaving her boyfriend to apologize for HER behaviour. From this encounter, I observed that:
  • The human condition is prone to jumping to conclusions
  • Arrogance breeds stupidity
  • Stupid people don't read things properly (or don't care to check the facts first)
  • There was perhaps an element of prejudice involved because me (as an Asian person) could not possibly have read my ticket correctly and sat in the right seat
So, to the stupid woman who thinks she's so smart: be careful about what you say and how you say it, the next person you do it to may not take it so lightly.